5 Tips for moving fragile or antique furniture

5 Tips for moving fragile or antique furniture

One of the most nervewracking things about moving is ensuring your fragile or antique furniture arrives at your destination intact and unscathed. Here are five tips to help ensure your furniture movers keep your precious pieces in pristine condition:

1. Thoroughly clean and secure each item.

Before movers arrive, prep your furniture by removing any loose items that could cause damage from cabinets and drawers. Thoroughly wipe down the surface and underside to remove any lingering dust. Use a good cleaner appropriate for the materials in your furniture, and avoid anything with polish that will make the surface slippery. Use shrink wrap or painters tape to secure drawers and doors shut so that they don’t accidentally fling open when your furniture movers pick them up and move them. Cover knobs, edging, and other details with foam or cardboard, secured with additional shrink wrap to protect against dings while being handled.

2. Disassemble any pieces that you can.

Depending on the construction, try and remove decorative knobs and pulls and secure them inside a drawer for moving. If you can, remove any decorative legs or casters from the bottom. You can carry these items separately to ensure they won’t get lost.

3. For expensive furniture, consider an appraisal or additional insurance.

Most Toronto furniture movers are professionals at their job and will take care to ensure your items are moved without damage. However, accidents do happen. If your moving inventory contains rare or very expensive items, consider obtaining an appraisal or extra insurance before moving. Some homeowner policies will cover furniture during a move, however, you should always call and double check your coverage. Most furniture movers will also be insured in case of accidental damage. Having a recent appraisal on hand can help ensure a smooth claims process.

4. Use extra cushioning where you can.

Cover your items with furniture blankets or moving pads and wrap with shrink wrap when you can. Pay special attention to corners, and other fine detailing that can easily get damaged or nicked. Delicate wood carvings may need an extra layer of protection to preserve details and protect from accidental damage.

5. Ensure that your furniture is restrained within the box compartment of the moving truck.

Now that your items are cleaned, wrapped and organized, make sure that they are also tied down sufficiently in the moving truck itself. Potholes, speed bumps, turns, and stops may cause even heavy furniture to shift around in the cabin if not properly tied down. This may cause some of your items to accidentally collide causing dents. Your movers should use bungee cords, tie downs or other straps to secure your inventory while the vehicle is in motion.

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