5 Ways a CRM System Helps Realtors Save Time and Increase Profits

In the business world, it is critical that you are able to create and retain relationships. The use of realestate CRM makes it easy for real estate agents and others in the industry to stay on top of and leverage their relationships in a variety of ways. How can this help real estate professionals save time and make more money?

1) Send Tailored Messages to Your Contact List

It can be a waste of time to send emails to each of your clients or other contacts on an individual basis. However, it may not be appropriate to send a message to everyone on your list at the same time. With IXACT real estate CRM programs, you can send targeted messages to those who it would be most appropriate for.

For instance, you could choose to forward an article about researching homes to those who are still looking for a place to live and don't have a broker. You could then send a message to those who have worked with you in the past to ask for referrals or ask for feedback about their experience working with you.

2) Know Where In the Sales Funnel Your Contacts Are

The use of a CRM system gives you an opportunity to see exactly where a given client or contact is in the sales funnel. If someone has been searching for a home for several weeks or months, you may be able to intervene and ask if there is anything more that you can do to help. Having the ability to sense a client's pain points helps you to be more proactive, which is something that clients will appreciate as they navigate the home buying process.

3) Determine If You Can Actually Help a Person

As a real estate agent, you may specialize in a certain type of transaction or know more about certain markets in your area. If you know that another agent may be a better fit for someone on your contact list, you can refer your contact to that agent. At worst, that contact appreciates your professionalism and mentions how great you were to friends and relatives. At best, you may be able to share in whatever commission the new agent gets if a deal closes.

4) You Won't Let Anyone Slip Through the Cracks

When you can keep track of hundreds of contacts with a single glance, you won't forget about anyone. This increases the odds that you are able to fully leverage each relationship that you have to maximize your profits. It also ensures that you don't get any bad reviews or develop a reputation for not paying attention to details. Remember, it only takes one upset person to undo the goodwill that you have built up with others over months or years.

5) Differentiate Between Contact and Possible Client

In any business, you want to get to know as many people as possible. However, you know that the most valuable contacts are the ones that convert from social media follower or newsletter subscriber to client. Therefore, you want to have a good idea as to who is simply trying to learn more from you and who is looking to close on a transaction. Drilling down into available data may help you become more efficient or more effective at getting followers or others to convert.

Relationships are everything in the business world. Unless you actively engage with your target audience, they won't know who you are. Without a way to manage your relationships, you may wind up losing contacts because you can't effectively meet their needs.

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