6 Ways a CRM Software Can Help You as a Real Estate Profession

CRM is basically an acronym of customer relationship management. It is one of the most helpful tools top real estate professionals use in their daily activities. But how exactly does this tool help you as a real real estate professional?

1 You Get More Organized

A majority of real estate professionals have tons of information to deal with and multiple lead generation streams to track. You will most likely get contacts from different sources, such as websites, social media platforms, online advertising and direct email campaigns. Managing these sources individually and creating a database for each one of them can be overwhelming. A real estate CRM helps you consolidate information from these sources in a central repository. This way, you can easily collect and organize contacts and access their details from various channels, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

2 You Make Quick Responses

Responding immediately to customer questions and problems is key to creating stronger relationships with them. A customer relationship management software enables you to provide immediate responses to customers. Many software have custom functions that allow users to activate auto-response features. You can set them to say words such as “Thank you for getting in touch with us,” or “Sorry for the auto response. Our team is currently out with clients, but we wanted you to know that we have received your message and will act on it immediately.” The good thing about these features is that you can customize them to suit a specific contact.

3 You Can Provide Personalized and Valuable Services

Clients love it when you offer services that are tailor-made for them. A CRM software allows you to do exactly this. You can capture every detail about your customers and use them to create more personalized services. These details include their interests, preferred neighborhoods, types of homes they are looking for and preferences such as wood vs. carpet flooring. The resulting effect will be improved conversion rates and stronger engagements.

4 You Can Track Past Clients

Past clients are very important for real estate professionals. They are the key source for referrals as well as your brand's public image. You need to track them once in a while to know how they are doing and whether they need something. A IXACT real estate CRM software offers you the chance to keep in touch with these special group of clients. It notifies you about special events in their lives, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and baby showers. A quick note to let them know that you value their relationship and appreciate their business will do wonders.

5 You Can Streamline Your Operations

A CRM software allows you to integrate the personal touch in your services with automation. You can easily automate the emails you send to customers every morning. This will save you from having to scroll through your email listings every morning looking for clients who are celebrating their birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. The software will remember the dates of these special events and notify you in time. All you need to do is compose a good email and program the software to send it on the specific date.

6 You Get Reliable Feedback

Most real estate agents use different methods to acquire customers and manage their daily operations. It is easy to just try many things hoping one or two of them will work as expected. A customer relationship management tool will help you track these methods and tell you what actually works and what does not. A good tool will even give you more information about which listings the clients prefer and your website's click-through rates. This way, you can pay more attention on the things that work and toss those that don’t. You can also experiment with different things.

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