Simplifying Your Lead Management Efforts with Customized Real Estate CRM


To some real estate agents, customer relationship management (CRM) software only serves as platform to help them save clients’ contact details for future references. In fact, in Canada, 2 out of 5 real estate agents take advantage of less than half of the real estate CRMs’ features—an indication that they either don’t understand how to use these software or they are oblivious of the available features in their software.

However, for successful few, real estate CRM offers much more than just a place to store their contacts. They understand that a lot of effort is needed to nurture leads, and the only way to keep track of all the details of your prospects in this competitive industry is to leverage on bespoke CRM that helps you make the most of your lead management efforts: seamless note taking capabilities, email marketing campaigns planning, and easy sharing of leads with your networks.

The best CRM for lead management

Like any product in the market, when you are scouting for a good real estate CRM, you will come across dozens of potential choices. If your goal is to find a CRM that will simplify your lead management efforts, you must endeavor to filter through the available choices so that you select what you need. For real estate lead management, such CRM should include:

Intuitive user interface

Some CRM options are best suited for enterprise firms—those with 100 and more employees—because they feature a plethora of tools and functionalities. As a real estate agent, however, you don’t require all these functionalities, so it makes a lot of sense to pick the right CRM with features that you will actually use.

360 degrees lead view capabilities

Adding your prospect details, general notes and information, and housing preferences is critical to your real estate business. Therefore, go for a CRM that will make your process of collecting and storing information seamless.

Cloud integration capabilities

In case your PC crashes, you need to have an alternative of accessing your CRM. Going for a real estate CRM that will allow you to save your prospects’ information in the cloud is a no-brainer in this technological age.

Marketing sand sale automation features

A good CRM for lead management should allow for easy integration of other digital resources such as scheduling software and email marketing tools as well as other notable software.


To make the most of your lead management as an agent or broker, it’s vital to research for real estate CRM options with customized features for your prospects in B2C and service sectors. Well, the process is likely to consume lots of your valuable time, but just remember that selecting the best CRM for your business will pay off in the long term and save you from the innumerable hassles that you would have undergone with a lesser platform. Visit IXACT Contact if you would like to learn more. © 2018 allright reserved